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Diving into next generation swimwear

New York based, Brazilian model, Gabriela Rabelo, had a vision of using her experience from a decade in front of the fashion lens to create a fashion brand of her own. Over the span of three years, we worked together with the mission to create a new kind of swimwear product and brand from the ground up. Studying, learning, and ultimately developing an entirely unique collection, story and expression for August - launching a new type of premium voice in the vast swimwear arena.

Using the combined cultures of Brazil and New York City as inspiration, the August debut collection The Concrete Jungle - along with the Cirrê resort collection - feature innovative cuts and silhouettes that combine a high-end fashion aesthetic with a playful sense of joie de vivre. The same tension sits at the core of the brand, which combines a gritty, edgy NYC-inspired personality with a lush and sensual Brazil-inspired tone of voice.

Innovative and socially-environmentally conscious, August uses bio-degradable and UV-protective fabrics and recycled packaging. The pieces are all handmade by local artisans in Gabriela’s native state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

August launched in Brazil and the US in the summer of 2016 and was featured in Brazilian Vogue and Elle magazine within 10 days of hitting the market.

photography: Joao Arraes styling: Michael Vendola