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inspiring #unbound expressions

In its first inception, Texas based fashion watch brand, Breda, was born out of a business opportunity without much regard to the power of brand and the collective vision it can fuel. 3 years into its run we were brought in to work with the Breda team of product designers and marketing managers to facilitate the redefining of of the brand - from the inside out.

Collaborating closely with the internal team, a customized brand visioning process was designed and executed through numerous in-house session, deep brand anthropology studies, and collective design ideation. The team members' individual, authentic cultures of irreverent, independent creativity and style were translated into an inspiring and company-uniting brand platform for Breda.

With a mission to "inspire creativity and individuality" Breda's brand purpose was extended to the creation of the impactful creative community — and ongoing social media campaign — #theunbound.

#theunbound is represented by a meticulously selected group of creators within various art genres, who have all established their own true voice and expression beyond the norm. Breda has created a platform for these emerging artists to project their work and also create limited edition collaborations with the artists.

identity design: Athletics NYC