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Bringing Nueva Colombia to Brooklyn

Devoción founder and owner, Steven Sutton, had a vision to change perceptions of Colombian coffee by bringing the most premium tasting coffee from his home country to the US market. With a plan to open a roasting facility and associated café in Brooklyn’s coffee-soaked Williamsburg neighborhood a deeply creative and differentiated brand story, positioning and experience was required.

Working with Noe & Associates I dove into the authentic and inspiring story that Devoción grew from: Beans sourced from hand–selected farms deep in Colombia’s most inaccessible regions, where Devoción pays fair–trade prices or above, and establishes social and environmental programs to help secure local futures.

The brand foundation Nueva Colombia was born, bringing with it an authentic, informative and inspiring narrative to challenge and change old preconceptions of the country of Colombia. 

The brand foundation was translated into a beautiful and entirely different café experience at 69 Grand Street on Williamsburg’s Southside. Consistently rated as one of the top cafés in a highly competitive neighborhood, Devoción has been enjoying a consistently packed house since opening its doors in late 2014.

collaborator: Noe Associates