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Fostering a Never Stop culture

Over 60 years ago in India, the 1st generation of Meghani entrepreneurs seized a business opportunity: selling wristwatch bands to small stores. With an idea — and the tenacity to follow through — the foundation of Grand Time was laid. As the third generation took over the watch trading business they asked me to help connect Grand Time's past and future, and transform the enterprise into a forward-focused, culturally dynamic, and people-driven organization.

Through on-going custom-designed work sessions, the company studied its latent culture and the world it operates in, putting the business on a fresh and ambitious path, and fostering an authentic brand culture to support the new vision. Together we put words and action to Grand Time’s business dreams and ambitions.

We brought to life the company’s inherent - but until-then untapped - badassness, created a new visual and verbal expression, and even moved the company HQs from an identity-free office park to a refurbished warehouse space designed to capture Grand Time’s true personality.

Grand Time continues to explore the new and next, fueled by a culture dedicated to understanding and part-taking in the lifestyles of its audiences, while creating brands and products that speak confidently in their very own respective voices in the often me-too world of fashion.

identity design: Athletics NYC