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Designing a Movement of Independence

Karma wants to change the game of WiFi. Born out of frustration with the contract tyranny of mammoth cell phone companies and carriers, Karma set out to create human-centric wifi-solutions that put control back into the hands and pockets of the users.

With all resources going towards furiously focused development of advanced technological solutions, Karma realized the need to differentiate their brand and communications from those of the de-facto competitive set.

Through collaborative sessions with the Karma team, we went back to the beginning of the story, uncovering and bringing to the surface the Karma founders’ frustration and passion to challenge the market. The resulting developments were verbalized into a strategic vision to Empower People with the Freedom of Connectivity - establishing a foundation for the brand's new verbal and visual brand expression. The work was manifested into impactful marketing initiatives that showcase Karma’s difference, speak human to its audiences, and doing the idea behind the brand justice.

identity design: Peter Sunna